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Fred Chambers served 30 years with the Tulsa Fire Department and the last 15 years as an instructor. Not wanting to watch the grass grow, Fred decided to once again pick up a camera. Some things never change, F-stop, Shutter speed, ISO, Composition, Lighting, etc. However, with the advancements in digital photography there were some newer challenges, basically in the cameras themselves. After spending countless days and nights researching all the newer advancements, he decided to share this gained knowledge with others.

For several years now, Fred has taught both basic and intermediate digital photography skills at Northeast Tech located in Claremore. Now with Arts@302, Fred has once again decided to offer his skills to others in the Broken Arrow area.

Over the years, Fred has photographed a vast number of photography scenarios including both film and digital photography. His favorite thing to photograph is landscape scenery, with a slight hint towards tourism. It’s the photos of places that you simply have to go to after seeing photos of them. He believes many of those locations are “right here… in our own backyard”. 

Fun Fact

There are times, when going on location scouting trips, I’ve found the PERFECT shot. But since it was only a ‘Scouting’ trip I failed to bring along a ‘CAMERA’. Which often resulted in a ‘second trip’ to the same spot… The second time though I knew exactly where I wanted to go, unless I slept between trips.