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Jan McKay is a native of England, moved to Australia, now living and working as an artist in the United States. With 26 years experience as an Interior Designer, Jan developed a natural eye for beauty and design, which has translated into her paintings.

With the tragic death of her daughter in 2008, Jan’s focus shifted from designer to artist. Her daughter Stephanie was talented in many areas, and took private art lessons for 3 yrs. After her passing, the art teacher suggested that Jan try art, and she did. Learning under her daughter’s instructor, Jan discovered her love of art. The themes of her wildlife paintings reflect the love of mother and child.

Her paintings of wildlife, pets, and nature, are the perfect subjects to display the beauty of creation, and the love we have been given from above.

Jan’s passion for Nature isn’t only on canvas, she is also a federally licensed Wild Bird Rehabber. She has nursed Scissor tail flycatchers, Cardinals, Robins, Mockingbirds, Blue Jays, and Blue Birds, just to name a few. During breeding season taking care of all of the baby birds that people rescue becomes a full time job. She says it’s a labor of love to help nature survive and being able to release them to thrive the way nature intended.

Fun Fact

Every one of my paintings has a hidden butterfly in loving memory of our darling daughter who passed away.