Spring A 2024 Course Information

Fill out this form to give Arts@302 as much detailed information on your weekly course as you can. Please only fill out course information for proposals that have been approved by the Program Director.

We have added a “Save and Continue” option that you can take advantage of. To verify that your form was sent correctly, please make sure that a copy of your responses was sent to your listed email.

For any questions or concerns, please contact caleb.ricketts@arts302.com

Fall 2023 Dates

Main Schedule: January 22nd-March 2nd.

Weekly Wednesday classes will not meet on Feb 14th and will make up the day on March 6th.

Please refer to the fall calendar to see specific class dates for weekly courses.

Important Dates

November 10th: All course information is due.

November 22nd: Spring A 2024 launch