Summer Course Proposal

Fill out this form to propose a 4-week course to teach at Arts@302 for Summer 2023. Please read through all FAQ below before beginning your proposal.

All fields must be completed or submitted before proposals will be reviewed by the committee. Submitting a proposal to the committee does not guarantee approval. You may submit multiple proposals. If you have submitted the form correctly, you should receive a copy of your proposal through email.

Q1. When will courses be held?

This summer we will hold our 4-week courses on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. The June session will run the week of June 5th through the week of June 26th. The July session will run the week of July 10th through the week of July 31st.

We would like courses to primarily run in the evening window of 5:00pm-9:00pm. Some classes may also run in the mid afternoon 3:00pm-5:00pm for retirees or children. 

Q2. How long are individual class sessions?

Class session length should be tailored to the medium/content covered in the class as well as the age group. Below are general guidelines we follow for scheduling, but some classes may benefit from a longer or shorter class duration. Classes longer than 2 hours will require special approval. 

  • Elementary age classes are often 1-hour (total of 6 hours)
  • Middle/high school age classes are often 90 minutes (total of 9 hours)
  • Adult classes are often 2 hours (total of 12 hours)

Q3. What are the recommended ages?

The age group of a course decides so much about the structure and lesson planning. Please note that we allow ages 16+ to enroll in our adult classes. Below are a few recommended age groups that classes have followed so far. You may also propose a class with mixed ages (e.g. Adults/Kids 12+) or an entirely new age range.

  • Pre-school: ages 3-5 
  • Lower Elementary: ages 5-10
  • Upper Elementary: ages 8-12
  • Middle/high school: ages 11-15
  • Adult: ages 16+

Q4. How are supplies handled?

When possible, we like to try and use the art supplies that we already have on hand first (e.g. acrylic paints, paint brushes, paper etc.). Any additional or specialty supplies will be ordered through Dick Blick or amazon as needed. Generally speaking, Arts@302 will provide all or most supplies for children’s classes. Students in adult classes will be expected to purchase some or all supplies for their classes. 

In your proposal, please list ALL supplies that you will need (including the no-brainers) and be as specific as you can. Please provide links to specific supplies when you can. Executive Director, Jennifer Deal, will be your contact for handling supplies.

Contact Information

Main Course Information

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    Dates and Times

    Please check any dates that you are available to teach your course.
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    JULY SESSION: Please select all dates that you are available.
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    Student Information

    Most courses have a cap of 12, but some mediums benefit from a lower number. All classes require a minimum of 5.


    Please be as specific as is necessary. Kids will have supplies provided for them. Adults will be expected to purchase supplies.
    Please be as specific as in necessary.

    Additional Information

    (Optional) Would you like your proposal to be in a class with easels or tables?
    (Optional) Please select all spaces that are appropriate for your class/event
    Arts@302 will make the final decision on classroom placement.