Meet Fernanda Thompson, aka “Nanda,” an artist with deep local roots and a global impact. Raised on the vibrant beaches of Brazil, Nanda’s art is a celebration of life, expressed through tropical themes, maternal motifs, abstracts, and cityscapes.

Classes @ 302

Nanda Thompson is teaching a 6-session painting course for children ages 11-15. There are sessions available for homeschool students and after-school for public school students.

Being an accomplished artist herself, Nanda possesses a deep understanding of her students’ learning needs, allowing her to customize her teaching to fit their artistic aspirations. With over 30 years of teaching experience, Nanda has refined her approach to make learning enjoyable and effective.

Students thrive when they are both comfortable and fully engaged in the learning process. In Nanda’s classes, students benefit from her expertise and passion for teaching, ensuring they have a fun and enriching artistic journey.

“Teaching and art have always been my passions. The joy art brings to artists is something I cherish. Teaching, for me, is about sharing the experience of growth and learning with others.

My teaching approach centers on equipping my students with a solid foundation in art fundamentals, technical skills, and an understanding of art history. This foundation empowers my students to express themselves confidently and creatively.”

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Who is Nanda Thompson?

Nanda’s art transcends borders. Her work has graced galleries in Brooklyn, NY, and greater Tulsa, gaining recognition far and wide. She brings a touch of our neighborhood’s creativity to the world stage.

Nanda isn’t just an artist; she has been an active community member. She has volunteered at local events and nonprofits. She has also curated art galleries and enriched our cultural tapestry. Recently she retired from her position as the Program Director at the Tulsa Girls Art School, where she wrote their curriculum and imparted art and life skills to Tulsa Girls. She has been a teacher and artist for more than 30 years.

In Nanda’s art, our community finds a voice, a connection, and a vibrant expression of life’s beauty.

A Personal Journey in Art

Her Mother-themed pieces are deeply personal. Born from the discovery that she was adopted as an infant, Nanda‘s art has become a vehicle for exploring her identity and emotions.

Nanda’s latest series, “The Postcards,” showcases her love for Tulsa and Broken Arrow. With geometric backgrounds and texture, she captures the essence of this place she now calls home.

In Nanda’s art, our community finds a voice, a connection, and a vibrant expression of life’s beauty. Whether in her tropical hues or introspective pieces, she’s an artist who touches hearts and enriches our neighborhood.

You can view more of Nanda Thompson’s work on her website. All images provided are copyright of F. Thompson Art. All rights reserved.