ArtsOK Board of Directors


The partnership between Broken Arrow Public Schools, community leaders, Kristin Chenoweth and ARTSOK Inc. has proven to be a unique and rare collaboration that has brought many amazing opportunities and gifts to Broken Arrow’s students, teachers and citizens.

As the focus on the arts in Broken Arrow grows, so does the need for a unified organization to help in the development of its continued success. ARTSOK, the Regional Arts Alliance of Broken Arrow, is an organization combining the strengths of the former Broken Arrow Performing Arts Center Foundation and the former Broken Arrow Arts and Humanities Council of Broken Arrow.

This merger creates a unified arts organization with a broader reach and greater impact for the community. ARTSOK’s creation unifies fundraising efforts, provides greater diversity in programming, offers more grant opportunities and gives a stronger voice to arts advocacy at the local, state and national level. Learn more at the ARTSOK website.

Board of Directors Officers

Additional Board Members:

Jerry Chenoweth
LaTonya Cundiff
Corey Gandy
Janie Green
Kelley Rash
Georgia Steele
Kim Vento
Lynda Wingo
Ben Buie
Josh Driskell