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K@P Program

What is K@P?

Kristin Chenoweth’s Artists of Promise (K@P for short) is a free after school art program for students with opportunity gaps. Our program introduces children to a wide variety of visual and performing arts skills. Children also develop important social and interpersonal skills.

We partner with Broken Arrow Public Schools to bus twenty 4th and 5th graders from Rhodes Elementary and Oak Crest Elementary Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

Along with our regular K@P staff, we bring in monthly featured artists to work with our K@P kids on specialized projects. All of our featured artists give our kids a view into the lives of working career artists.

K@P is made possible through the Kristin Chenoweth Arts and Education Fund and several private donations.


Since March 2022, K@P has…

  • Served 95 children
  • Featured 25+ guest artists
  • Created unlimited smiles!

Broken Arrow Neighbors Partnership

Through our partnership with local nonprofit, Broken Arrow Neighbors, we provide fresh produce and healthy snacks to the K@P kids every day. These food donations also allow us to teach our kids how to prepare and cook many simple meals that they can create at home.

“I LOVE the snacks I get to eat at K@P everyday!”

Q. How are kids selected?

A. Students from Rhodes and Oak Crest Elementary are nominated by their school teachers to take part in the program. At this time, parents cannot apply themselves.

Q. How can I support K@P?

A. You can support our K@P Program through donations to Arts@302. If you are interested in donating items or becoming a featured artist, you can contact Jes McCutchen at

Monthly K@P Wrap-Up

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