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Teaching Artist

Calling all inspiring teachers! Our Teaching Artists lead our six-week courses, one-time workshops, and day camps. This is a flexible part-time position that can lead one or multiple classes a semester. You will have the opportunity to work with kids, teens, and/or adults.

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Q. Is this a full-time position?

Our Teaching Artists work on part-time contracts. Teachers can lead one class/event or can take on as many as they would like. Our current teachers work between 2-10 hours a week during our class semesters.

Q. What is the pay?

Teaching Artists are paid for instructional time through W9 contract. For courses and workshops teachers are paid $5/hr per enrollee capping at $50/hr (10 students). Our classes require a minimum of 5 students to make.

Q. What are the teaching opportunities?

Our Teaching Artists have lots of ways they can inspire at Arts@302. All classes and events are scheduled by individual contract. You can create a schedule that fits your needs.

  • Six week courses: Classes that meet once a week in the evening for a period of six weeks. Classes usually run between 1-3 hours depending on medium and age. View example schedule.
  • One time workshops: Drop-in classes that can range from 1-6 hours. These meet on Thursday and Friday nights or on Saturdays. View example schedule.
  • Camps: Day camps that are usually 3-5 consecutive days. These are held during Fall Break, Spring Break, and Summer Break. We have a format for our flagship elementary camps that utilize four instructors, but teachers can also propose their own solo camps.
  • Art Parties: 2 hour parties with 90 minute instructor-led activity. View our art party packages.
  • Kristin’s Artists of Promise: After school elementary art program for children with opportunity gaps. Featured artists are rotated monthly to work our kids. Learn more about K@P.

Q. What are the qualifications to be a Teaching Artist?

Many of our teachers have degrees in education or in the field that they would like to teach. Degrees will always help but are not a requirement to become a Teaching Artist. The primary qualifications include experience in building engaging lesson plans, leading prior classes or workshops, and a passion for inspiring students.

Q. Do teachers need to follow a strict curriculum?

Arts@302 is not attached to any school district and has the luxury of not having to follow strict guidelines in our classes. We hire teachers that are well equipped to build their own engaging lesson plans that both fit their style and allow students to create and explore to the best of their ability. We want our teachers to focus on the most important thing: teaching!

Gallery Artist

Your art needs to be seen. Our gallery is here to help! From solo shows, to group shows or open call-to-artist shows, we are accepting proposals for future gallery exhibitions. We strive to highlight local talent through both traditional and non-traditional shows.  

Q. Can I sell my art?

Yes! All art displayed in the gallery can be for sale. Arts@302 takes 20% commission on all gallery sales. Sales will be handled through our systems and we will remit taxes on your behalf.

Q. What do you provide artists?

Arts@302 holds an opening reception on the first Friday of the month that the show opens. We will provide tea and water as refreshments. You are welcome to coordinate with a sponsor to cater the event if you are able. Additionally, Arts@302 will design a poster and other similar materials to promote your show and opening. You will have the option of using our labels or to provide your own.

Q. How long are shows up?

Our gallery shows are generally up for 1-2 months at a time. You will be responsible for the setup and teardown of your show.

Q. What is a non-traditional show?

Shows in our gallery do not need to be limited to just painters and sculptors. If you and your art offer a new experience or interesting story, we want it! We strive want to educate, entertain, and inspire our community in as many ways as possible.

Art Market Vendor

Every second Saturday of the month in April-October, we offer a free family art activity in conjunction with a local artist market. Markets are 9am-1pm. Apply here to join our vendor list.

Vendors will set up on our outside patio located on the south side our building. Approved vendors will set up on the concrete patio or the grass. Spots will be first come, first served on the day of the market. There will be a $10 vendor fee for this event. Artists will keep 100% of their sales.

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