The first month of K@P started off with three weeks of guest artists, tasty foods and the Broken Arrow Homecoming Parade.

After welcoming our returning 5th graders and meeting our new 4th graders, they got to work with two guest artists: Tyler Thrasher and Abby McNett. Tyler is a local artist and scientist who showed the students some of his crystalized bug art and led them through the process of creating their own moonbeam flora. They got to mix the pigments, dip and dry the flowers, then see them glow. Check out this video of the K@P Kids watching them glow.

Abby McNett worked with the students creating tiny sculptures out of colorful clay. Everything from tiny ghosts, to accessories for Barbie, the students were able to create what they wanted with Abby helping.

We also got the privilege of viewing the Broken Arrow Homecoming Parade from the balcony, complete with lemonade and popcorn treats. The students loved waving at all of the groups and were particularly impressed with the Color Guard. One student remarked that he was so glad we got to see it because otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to go.

A huge thank you to Broken Arrow Neighbors for helping us rework how we serve the kiddos food! We have utilized the fresh produce and other goods to create meals for the kids. We’ve prepared spaghetti, nachos with beans and meats, roasted corn, toasted ham and cheese croissants, and more! They also provided us with fresh fruits and veggies for us all week. Students have been taking turns cleaning up and helping with the dishes, learning valuable life skills in the process.

Plus, of course, they like to get a little creative with their food from time to time. We can’t wait to share what will be coming up in the next month!