Summer Workshop Proposal

Fill out this form to propose a one-time workshop to teach at Arts@302 for Summer 2023. Please read through all FAQ below before beginning your proposal.

All fields must be completed or submitted before proposals will be reviewed by the committee. Submitting a proposal to the committee does not guarantee approval. You may submit multiple proposals.

Q1. How long are workshops?

When proposing a workshop, it is important to consider the necessary amount of instructional time you will need to give your students a meaningful experience or project, while also keeping them engaged. Below are the two formats for workshops we currently offer.

  • Single Day (Can be 1-6 hours long)
  • Multi-Day/Weekend Workshop (Friday 6pm-9pm and Saturday 10am-4pm)

Longer workshops may require a break for lunch. In your proposal, carefully consider the total amount of instructional time that you would like with your students. 

Q2. When are most workshops?

Below are the suggested windows for workshops for each day. Different or longer times may be possible if discussed with 302 staff. 

THURSDAYS: Anytime 4:00pm-9:00pm

SATURDAYS: Anytime 10:00am-4:00pm

WEEKEND WORKSHOP: Friday 6pm-9pm + Saturday 10am-4pm

Q3. What are the recommended ages?

The age group of a class decides so much about the structure and lesson planning. Please note that we allow ages 16+ to enroll in our adult classes. Below are a few recommended age groups that classes have followed so far. Many workshops are open to a mixed group of ages (e.g. Adults/Kids 12+). You may propose an entirely new age range.

  • Pre-school: ages 3-5 
  • Lower Elementary: ages 5-10
  • Upper Elementary: ages 8-12
  • Middle/high school: ages 11-15
  • Adult: ages 16+

Q4. How are supplies handled?

When possible, we like to try and use the art supplies that we already have on hand first (e.g. acrylic paints, paint brushes, paper etc.). Any additional or specialty supplies will be ordered through Dick Blick or amazon as needed. Generally speaking, Arts@302 will provide all or most supplies for children’s classes. Students in adult classes will be expected to purchase some or all supplies for their classes. 

In your proposal, please list ALL supplies that you will need (including the no-brainers) and be as specific as you can, including web links when necessary. Executive Director, Jennifer Deal, will be your contact for handling supplies.